The climate is moderately continental with slight variations in temperature. The mineral water emanating from the depths of the Earth is famous in Europe for its healing properties. The spa is suitable for tourists because of beautiful nature, cultural and historical monuments and health factors.

The spa is well known in the treatments of specific diseases beyond Serbia’s borders. Natural healing factors are: 30°C thermal water, contains radon (29,6 becquerels) which makes it slightly radioactive, the presence of cesium is high, which is very important for the central nervous system healing treatments, the presence of selenium slows down aging and protects from radioactive radiation. Untouched nature and fresh air.

Spa Gornja Trepca or Atomic spa is placed on the forest slopes of mountains Vujan and Bukovik. Altitude of spa is 460m. It is located 18km far from Cacak, 9km far from Gornji Milanovac and 140 km far from Belgrade.

The spa is recommended for: degenerative rheumatism, chronic inflammatory rheumatism, extra-articular rheumatism, neuro-psychiatric diseases, cerebral palsy, neurosis, peripheral vascular disease, diseases of gastrointestinal tract and it is unique in Europe for multiple sclerosis treatments.